Saturday, April 07, 2012

Jean-Paul Hévin (Paris, France)

After lunch; we walked to bit to digest and of course to do some shopping. We ended up at rue Saint-Honoré. After shopping till we dropped; we decided to rest at one of the best chocolatiers in France. As usual; the window display was beautiful & creative Easter chocolates. The chocolate shop was Jean-Paul Hé of France's best chocolatiers.

We decided to take a rest and have one of his famous hot chocolates.

The tea/chocolate room is upstairs above the chocolate shop. We arrived at the perfect time because there was no queue (which there always a long one). The decor of the tea/ chocolate room has nothing special about it. Actually, its just a room with pearl white walls, chairs & tables. BUT; its the chocolate desserts and hot chocolate everyone comes who cares for decor?

We decided to sit at the counter so we can watch the master hot chocolate maker make the famous hot drinks. Here; he is scooping the chocolate powder into a pot of milk and letting it heat up on a burner.

When the hot chocolate is starting to bowl; he takes it off the burner and whisks very fast to make the hot chocolate velvety smooth. The master hot chocolate maker had to pay attention to detail because the orders kept coming in but it was also easy to burn the hot chocolate.

I ordered the Envie aprhodisiaque (6.60 euros). My hot chocolate consisted of rich aprhordisiagque chocolate (no idea what that is but it sounded amazing), ginger and cream. My hot chocolate was smooth & silky. The taste of chocolate & ginger was absolutely amazing. It was both soothing from the chocolate & had a karate kick to it from the ginger. What an experience this was!

My friend ordered the Chocolat chaud Equateur (6.60 euros). My friend's hot chocolate was made with Equatorial chocolate. The hot chocolate was thick & rich. It also had hints of orange flower and jasmin with a long finish. To die for!

After the hot chocolates; we headed down to the chocolate & pastry shop. As usual; there was a long queue to buy some of the most famous sweets in France.

This was the amazing & beautiful giant Easter egg made from hundreds of small chocolate turtles. It was definately eye catching.

Jean-Paul Hévin has several shops in Paris but he also has shops in Tokyo and Hong Kong (if Paris is too far for you Bangkoknians). It certainly was a treat for all senses to come to a chocolate shop like this one....thank goodness; I am never on a diet when I am in Paris.

Address: 231 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris


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