Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hai som tam @ Convent

My colleagues and I decided to have lunch at one of the most famous som tam places in town…Hai som tam on soi Convent.  So off we went to enjoy great Isaan food.  Hai som tam is located in a large shop house and has three floors (we sat on the second floor).  The place is always so busy during lunch time because of the office workers on Silom Rd.  So, it is highly recommended to call and reserve a table.

Hai som tam does not have much ambiance or decor (typical for places that serve such affordable and yummy food).  The tables are the fold up aluminum kind and the chairs are the plastic stack type.  The curtains are even gastly (the type in horror movies)…but in the end, no one cared because everyone's focus was on the food.

Som tam thai.  

MaMa seafood salad.

Deep fried pork glazed in oil. 

Roasted Isaan sausage.  

Pork larb.

Pork rib soup.

Grilled chicken.

Grilled pork neck.

Pork nam tok. 

Grilled fish encrusted in salt.  

Som tam crab.  

Grilled fish encrusted in salt.

The som tam kitchen (facing the sidewalk).

The grilled fish kitchen (which was on the sidewalk).

Overall; the food was very yummy.  All the dishes were fresh, the tastes were well balanced and the dishes were well portioned.  The service is quite amazing.  Even though the place was packed and practically every table ordering the same time.  I salute the kitchen staff on their managing of getting all the orders right and getting the food out at a timely manner.  But not only that; we ordered every dish twice (we had 9 people) and the total bill came to 2,050 baht (including the drinks).  With the food being so good; there was nothing to complain about at all.  

Address: 2/4-5 soi Convent Rd. Bangkok

Telephone:  02-631-0216

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