Friday, May 04, 2012

No Name Thai-Chinese

When it comes to lunch; my colleagues are very resourceful in finding very interesting & yummy places to eat at very reasonable prices near our office.  Here is one that is simply amazing.  I have to name the place 'No Name Thai-Chinese' because when we asked the owner; she replied, "We have no name; its the restaurant on the corner of Thanon Chan..Thanon Chan soi 6 and across the street from Goodyear tire store".  So; there you have it...good luck finding the place, but if you do; its so worth it!

When we arrived the first thing you notice is the chef and the open kitchen.  The chef is a 55 five year old (I am guessing his age) Thai/Chinese in shorts and slippers.  His ingredients are laid out on the table and he is a master with is wok.  

The sous-chef is looking at the orders with the owner/ wife of chef/ waitress all in one (I am guessing again) and are gathering the ingredients to help the chef.  

The first dish was deep fried fish with tomatoes and garlic.  

The next dish was baby vegetable with crispy pork.  

The next dish was Chinese spinach with eggs.  

The next dish was a Vegetable from the onion family with liver.  

The next dish was Clams with basil and chilies.  

The next dish was Tom-yum with mushroom and shrimp.  

The next dish was deep fried fish in fish sauce.  

Overall;  the atmosphere is a typical shop-house restaurant.  No decor and no ambiance…but the food; my oh my; the food is what shines at this 'no name' restaurant.

It gets hot because there is no air-conditioning...just fans; but we did not mind because the food was sooooooo yummy.  All the ingredients were very fresh.  All the dishes were cooked perfectly with the right combination of flavours, tastes and spiciness.

The food arrived so fast that I nicknamed him the kung-fu chef.  All the tables were full (which is not that many), yet the dishes came one by one but at rapid pace.  I have no idea how he does it with one wok; but he is incredible.

The most incredible thing is of course the price.  The total bill was around 200 baht per person (5 people) = 1,000 baht.  Where else can you get such amazing quality food at ridiculous prices...only Bangkok of course.  

Address:  on the corner of Thanon Chan and Thanon Chan soi 6 and across the street from Goodyear Tire store

No phone number

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MmoiselleP said...

my mouth water a lot.. I always enjoy going to this kind of restaurant. It's all about taste. :D I miss bangkok .