Friday, May 11, 2012

Ni-Yom Phochana

A seafood restaurant that has been on Thonglor for ages is still as popular as ever.  If you ask people who love seafood; "do you know the seafood restaurant on Thonglor?"...they normally answer; "the one with no door?"…then they answer; "its sooooo good!".

We had friends in town and we decided to meet for dinner at Ni-Yom Phochana because we knew we could have great food and bring our own wines and wine glasses.

Ni-Yom Phochana is in a shophouse (you can't miss it; it really has no doors).  There is no decor, the tables are the foldable aluminum kind but they did spend a little bit more on they were the fake leather cushioned type.  The lighting is harsh & bright and it can get hot (though there are fans hanging on the walls).  But in the end; no one comes here for the decor or ambiance…we come for the seafooooooood!

The first dish was Hoi nang rom (fresh oysters).  The Thai oysters were fresh, large, good texture and juicy.  However; they were on bland side.  That is why we had to add lime and Thai chili sauce.  But they were refreshing non-the-less.

The next dish was Oar Suan (oyster hot plate).  They are the specialist on this dish.  I just looovvveee this dish.  It just makes all your sense tingle with joy.  The sound of the sizzling hot plate when it arrived at the table. The steam, smoke and aroma from the frying oysters and eggs.  The beautiful sight of the green, yellow, grey and white of the dish.  Finally; the amazing taste of the oar suan.  A fabulous dish.

The next dish was Gung che nam pla (raw shrimp).  A great way to start any meal...raw shrimps.  The shrimps were fresh, plump and tasty.  A little bit of mint and a dash of the spicy seafood sauce together with the shrimp...heavenly.

The next dish was Pu pad pong garee (curried crab).  This is the house special!  The crab was large and very fresh.  Cooked perfectly.  The curry sauce was thick, rich, and had an intense flavour (and probably very very bad for your cholesterol level).  This is the most incredible combination in the world.  This dish is truly a mess to eat but it is oh so finger licking good.  All the work to dig out the crab meat is so worth it.

The next dish was Taud man gung (deep fried shrimp cakes).  The shrimp cakes were cooked to a lovely golden brown.  They were crispy on the outside but hot, moist, juicy & chunky on the inside. A lovely contrast.  I do not like the sweet sauce that accompanies this dish; it is just so yummy as it is.

The next dish was Pad yod mara (stir fried bitter gourd leaves).  The vegetables were cooked very nicely, had a deep green color and with a slight crunch to them.

The next dish was Pla neung seew (fish with soy sauce).  The fish was so fresh, cooked perfectly (translucent in the center)...we do hate fish that is over cooked.  The meat of the fish was so tender, soft and moist.  The fish sauce was light but had so much flavor with the addition of ginger & green onions.  A lovely dish.

The next dish was Gung ob woon sen (shrimp glass noodle baked in pot).  I simply love this dish.  I could eat it all the time.  The mix of textures and flavours are so amazing.  The textures come from the glass noodles and the shrimp...with bits of pork.  The flavours come from the ginger, pork fat, pepper corns and herbs in the pot.  All cooked to perfection in the pot.  The pot is delivered at the table with the steam & aroma tantalizing all our taste buds.  Soooo nice!

The next dish was Khao pad pu (crab fried rice).  This was the worst dish of the evening which was too bad.  The rice was too mushy & sticky...meaning they used freshly cooked rice to make the fried rice; which is a no no.  There was a good amount of crab and it was tasty; but it was for sure unpleasant to eat since it was like eating oatmeal.  Too bad.

Overall; I am sooooo happy that Ni-Yom Phochana is so close to my home.  What would I do without it?  The food is absolutely fresh.  The service is very good; but the staff could smile a bit more. There is no ambiance; but the food is not only so good but they are the start of all the who needs the decor & ambiance when everyone is so happy eating and talking.  There is no parking; and if you know Thonglor...taking a taxi is a very good idea.

I have to apologize; my gang and I were so happy eating so much and ummmm; drinking so much, that I forgot to take the bill so that I could show you lovely readers how cheap and affordable it is at Ni-Yom Phochana.  Just believe me; the food is so so reasonable for the quality of the food.  

Address:  125-125-1 soi Thonglor Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok

Telephone:   02-291-1517, 02-392-8919


Riya said...

Try "Sornthong" yet ?

Leigh Segel said...

Raw shrimp is disgusting.