Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Duck noodle

Near my office is the shopping mall called Emporium which is on Sukhumvit soi 24. On the fifth floor is the food court where you can have semi-cheap food. I say semi because I think Emporium food court is more expensive than other food courts in town. The food in the Emporium food court is 'ok', I think there are other food courts that have a better selection or better taste, but one of my favourite food stalls in this food court is the one that offers the 'Cherry Duck' nooodle soup.

I have no idea what a cherry duck is, but whatever it is, it is very good. The duck is cooked in the broth that is very rich in flavour. Hints of five spice, anaise, soy, pepper, and duck essence. The egg noodle is of fine quality which is cooked perfectly and heated in the duck broth before serving. You can choose to have blood cubes added to the soup, but I always decline.

At 55 baht ($1.46 or 1.15 euros), it is getting on the expensive side, but I do not mind because it is truly good.

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