Friday, October 06, 2006

Khao ga-phrao gai khai dow

There is one Thai dish that I can eat everday. It is what I consider as my 'comfort food'. It is one of the tastiest and most simple dishes to make. I am one of the worst cooks on this earth; therefore, I would rather go out and eat this dish than make it myself. Believie me, I have tried and it has always evolved into something worth not eating.

This dish is khao ga-phrao gai khai dow (fried minced chicken with basil toped with a fried egg with rice). When I am alone for dinner, I normally walk to Major Cineplex on Sukhumvit soi 61 to Rice Bowl on the third floor. This is where I can get this very simple and tasty dish. After the delicious meal, I catch a film. How easy is that?

What makes this dish so good are the basic ingredients; minced chicken (can use minced pork), fresh chillies, thai basil leaves, garlic, oyster sauce, pinch of sugar. Stir fry all at once, fry the egg and accompany with a small dish of nam pla phrik (chillies in fish sauce).

This dish cost only 50 baht ($1.33 or 1.06 euros). The simple things in life are always so nice.

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