Saturday, October 14, 2006

Khao Khao Mu

In my last post, I mentioned the Bic C food court because they have an interesting soup called Tom Yum Sukhothai. Well, the food court has another interesting dish that I have not seen at another food court in town (yet).

One of my favourite comfort foods is Khao Khao Mu (stewed pork on top of rice). Every food court has this ubiquious dish, which is served with pickled vegetable or kale cooked in the pork stew and with a side of a hard boiled egg.

But, this is where the Big C food court makes the khao khao mu interesting, instead of the regular hard boiled egg, they serve it with deep fried tofu triangles slowly stewing in the pork stew.

I have no idea how long they normally stew the pork, but this dish is so good because the pork is tender and the pork stock poured over the rice is heavenly. A very fulfilling meal.

The meal is only 35 baht (94UScents or 75 centimes)

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this looks good