Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tom Yum Sukhothai

Thailand has so many great soups, you probably can eat a soup everday for the entire year and never have the same one. There is one soup that is quite yummy. It is called Tom Yum Sukhothai. What is amazing about this soup is that it is made of exactly 12 ingredients. The sign on the counter proudly advertises this gastromnomic fact (that's how I actually knew about it).

The 12 ingredients are 1) pork (slices & minced), 2) crushed peanuts, 3) string bean, 4) chilli, 5) preserved ginger, 6) sugar, 7) msg, 8) minced garlic, 9) lime, 10) basil, 11) sen-lek and 12) chicken broth. The soup woman has all the ingredients pre-prepared in bowls so that the chore of making them will not take too long. She adds some chicken broth to the mixture and pours it over the sen-mee noodles.

The blend of all the ingriedients make this soup unique, but it is still a tom yum; therefore, it is has a nice balance of sour, sweet, tangy and spicy. But another factor that makes this soup so interesting are the different textures as well such as from the green beans or the peanuts.

You do not find this soup often in food courts, but I did find one. It is the food court on the 5th floor of the Big C department store & Metropolis Cineplex, across the street from the newly renovated Central World Plaza.

The soup only cost 35 baht (93 US cents or 74 centimes). You get so much for so little.

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