Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Figs from the Garden

Figs grow everywhere in our area. There are several types; white, green and purple. There are two enormous fig trees in the garden. One is in the front yard and the other is in the back yard. The enormous fig tree in front of the house, right now is full of deep purple figs. Every time we come back from a walk/ errands, etc., or before going for a walk/ errands, etc., we stop and pull one or two from the tree to eat. They are so soft, sweet and juicy.

The only problem we have with this fig tree is that every summer, it makes tons and tons of figs. We have to freeze tons of them, I have to figure out how to make fig confiture, fig tarts, fig cakes, etc. (does anyone have any fig recipes to share?). The photo below is me under the tree, sheltered with the abundance of leaves and figs.

Another problem we have (or help), is that we have strangers always walking up to the fig tree to steal the figs. Once in a while, we are in the garden and we see a woman with a bowl picking the figs, once she sees us, she runs away.

We tell all our neighbors and friends if they want figs, that they should help themselves. I hate to see all those wonderful figs go to waste.

This is the bowl of figs I just collected. I am going to bake a fig tart. I hope it turns out yummy. I will keep you posted if I get the thumbs up or down for my fig tart.

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