Sunday, September 14, 2008

South of France

I finally arrived in Montpeyroux in the south of France for the harvest of the vineyard. We are situated in a small hamlet called St. Etienne. Here are some photos of the area around and near the house.

We are surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

We are taking a walk and enjoying the 23 degree, sunny and windy day. The unbelievable crisp and fresh air that we get in the south of France. It is quite a difference from the hussle and bussle of a big city like Bangkok.

This is the view from walking down from the house and walking into the vineyard.

This is the view from being in the vineyard and looking up the hill at the house (you can see the roof and windows).

This is a very small and very old church (not sure how old but we know it was built some time in the 1600's) in the vineyard near the house.

We came back from our walk and enter from behind the gardens to the house. The house is hidden and surrounded by foliage and the garden.

Coming up next; photos of the harvest and the wonderful & beautiful in-season fruits and vegetables of the area as well as other regional foods such as cheese and meats. Yummy!!! Please stay-tuned.

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