Thursday, September 18, 2008

Organic Vegetables

We are so lucky to be in the south of France this time of year. The seasonal fruits and vegetables are now looking wonderful and delicious. We get all our vegetables in the next village of Lagamas because there is the only Organic farmer in the area selling organic fruits and vegetables. I truly believe in eating foods without chemicals and pesticides.

The fruits and vegetables here might not be as beautiful and perfectly shapes as one can find in supermarkets, but I can live without that perfection if it contains chemicals. But one things we always notice when we bite into one of Mr. Zegre's produce; the taste of the produce is out of this world. The photo below is of sweet ripe cherry tomatoes. I eat them like candy.

Mr. Zegre is the farmer (the man standing in the photo). It is amazing what comes out of his farm. He practically has everything you can think of.

He had wonderful pumpkin (for my pumpkin soup), salads, five types of egg plants, three types of potatoes, five types of tamaotes, green/ red/ yellow peppers, apricots, watermelon, etc.

This photo is of Mr. Zegre and his wife taking care of a customer. Their produce stand is actually in front of their home. Their farm is in another village.

Some of the very special produce to choose from.

More photos of the organic vegetables.

This is the church of Lagamas in front of Mr. Zegre's veggie stand.


... said...

That's where I do my shopping on a Thursday morning! Oh and your fig tart looks beautiful!!!

Hungry in Bangkok said...

Thank you for the kind words on the fig tart. Happy shopping at Mr.Zegre's emporium of fine organic veggies.