Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Harvest of the Vineyard

I am in the south of France for the harvest of the vineyard and loving it. The weather is absolutely wonderful, warm, sunny and a nice breeze. We are in one of the vineyards to support the grape pickers. There are eight hectares of merlot, mourvedre, carignan, grenache, syrah and chenin blanc grapes in the area of St. Brigitte.

These are the beautiful and plump mourvedre grapes.

The wine maker, Alain, always hires only ten grape pickers every year. It is amazing that every year, I see practically the same grape pickers coming back. Alain does not use harvest machines to pick the grapes. Alain makes Bio-dynamic wines and part of his philosophy is to hand pick the grapes so that they are in perfect quality when they arrive at the cave.

These are the chenin blanc grapes. I could not stop eating them; they were so sweet and juicy.

Alain's wine helpers and grape pickers having a break of wine and cheese before they start picking the grapes again.

The merlot grapes in crates on the truck ready to be taken to the cave.

A closer look at the merlot grapes in the crate.

This is going to be a very good year for the wine. We have been very lucky to have wonderful weather so far. Look for the 2008 wines. They are going to be outstanding!!!

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