Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dinner at St. Giraud

We were invited to a friend's home for dinner. The friend's home happens to belong to one of the best female chef's of the region, so its always a pleasure to experience her cooking.

There is a famous steel welder who lives in the same village of our friends. He can make practically anything out of recycled steel. Here is a a lovely Christmas tree that my friends commissioned from the steel welder. I would like to commission a Christmas tree from him as well. They look so unusually pretty.

The Ginger bread house that my friends built for their grand daughter. A very festive and cute symbol of the Christmas season.

Here is what we were waiting for. I love pot-au-feu; its such a comfort food for me in the winter. I was very happy to see a giant cast iron pot arrive at the table because it was pot-au-feu de pigeon. A creative and yummy version of my favourite dish.

To accompany the pot-au-feu; we were served chinese cabbage. A very great idea to accompany the dish, because the cabbage added a lovely texture and flavour.

The very beautiful table setting. Everyone has starving but they had to wait until I took a photo of the table.

We started the evening sitting next to their fireplace and toasting our glasses with champagne. The first champagne was Billecart-Salmon 1985. This went very well with the home-fois gras on toasted bread that was served with it.

The second bottle of champagne was Exquise from Jacques Selosse. Another very nice champagne and went brilliantly with the stunning scallops grilled with a ginger and lime juice sauce.

The husband of the chef; is an expert on wine. He was very kind to open fantastic bottles of wine during our dinner. I will not go into detail of each wine served since I am no expert. Just believe me that the wines were thought out very well to accompany our main course, cheese and dessert.

Kastelberg Riesling 1990.

Chateau La Lagune 1985.

Our friends are also experts at cheeses. Our friends even age their own cheeses in their cellar. Now that is what I call commitment to excellence in food.

Domaine G. Roumier 2005

I have a weakness for dessert. So, the chef made a very creative dessert that turned out to be visually gorgeous and very delicious. The cake was a steamed ginger cake. The chef brought the steamed bowl to the table. Unwrapped the cake like a Christmas gift. And...voila; the beautiful golden brown cake. But, the show was not over...

The steamed cake was turned over onto a plate. And, there it was the stunning cake, which was too pretty to cut. But, I was glad we did because it was delicious.

The cake was accompanied with home-made pineapple and vanilla ice cream. I have to say that the ice creams were so gooooood. Great texture and flavours.

The final wine for the evening was Moenchberg Tokay Pinot Gris 1994.

The lovely evening ended with all of us being stuffed with wonderful food and wines. We said good bye to the master of the home; Soupape, the ever so cute and gentle doggie.

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