Friday, January 02, 2009

Lobster (Montpeyroux)

Lobster prices are incredible this year. Due to the success of the moratorium on lobster fishing for a couple of years in America. There is an abundance of lobster now. The incredible price is only 17.50 euros a kilo. for live lobster. This is wonderful news for us since we do love lobster.

We bought three live lobsters. We had them for lunch and it was an amazing lunch. The meat was firm and tasteful. We did not even need the lemon to add extra flavour.


Sheshanna said...

Next time you come over in April you are having dinner at our place. Date TBC. xxx Shana + Nico + Dazai

Hungry in Bangkok said...

Thank you very much for the invitation. We look forward to having dinner at your place.