Friday, January 16, 2009

Baan Chamnong Restaurant (Bangkok)

We finally decided to go to a Thai restaurant many people were recommending us to try. The restaurant has been opened for several years now and getting fantastic reviews. We have not tried out the restaurant simply because we were always lazy to cross town. But, it was time to try the restaurant.

The restaurant is very simply decorated and is open air. The owner of the restaurant speaks perfect English and was very nice to us. Recommending some dishes as well as taking care of our wines. Without us asking; he asked if the white wine needed to be iced and if the reds needed to be open to breath. I already knew we were going to have a great evening.

The first dish was raw oysters (shelled) with condiments to eat them Thai style. The condiments were; deep fried shallots & garlic, herbs, lime, very spicy chili sauce, very very spicy green sauce and see-ra-cha sauce. Since Thai oysters do not have much flavour, you need all these condiments to add extra flavour. We really enjoyed this dish. The oysters were very fresh and had good firm consistency. A refreshing and tasty starter.

The second dish was Thai fried chicken (gai thod). What makes fried chicken Thai? I have no clue. But, I think its how they deep fry the chicken. I have no idea how or what they do to the chicken, but they have such a wonderful flavour. The fried chicken was a deep golden brown, very crispy on the outside and the chicken meat on the inside a bit dry. But, that's what we like about the fried chicken.

The next dish was deep fried shrimp cakes (thod mun goong). I have a weakness for fried food and here is one of them. This dish was deep fried to perfection, meaning they were not oily (I really hate that). Crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. A sweet sauce accompanied this dish.

The next dish was roasted duck (phed ped). A very nice dish. The skin was crispy but the meat was a bit on the dry side; however, still had a very nice taste.

The next dish was stir fried kale. A nice vegetable dish. Lots of flavour and textures.

The next dish was wing bean salad (tum tua pu). One of my favourite salads. The wing bean has a unique shape, great crunchy texture and the spicy, sour, sweet sauce makes the wing bean salad very tasty. Hard boiled eggs accompany this dish.

The next dish was steamed egg custard. We rarely have this dish in a restaurant; simply because it is rarely served. One of the most basic dishes to serve for dinner. The taste of this dish is very light. A hint of fish sauce and herbs makes the base of the flavour.

The next dish was deep fried fish (pla-ka-phong-thod). Another deep fried dish I love. The fish was a lovely colour, the fish meat flaky and the spciy shreded mango sauce was very the perfect sauce to accompany the fish.

The last dish was crab fried rice (khao phad pu). I really love fried rice but I always try to stay away from it because its so fattening; the mix of carbohydrate and oil is the worst. However, I am a very weak person and I eat it all the time. This was my least favourite dish of the night. This dish had no taste. I had to add extra fish sauce with chili to get some taste. I also thought it was a bit too oily.

For dessert, we had the coconut jelly. We seldom see this dessert in restaurants. So, we needed to have it. It is coconut jelly with coconut meat inside the coconut. It is such a refreshing dessert and a great way to end the dinner. It was not too sweet and good flavour.

37 Thanon Mahaset
02 234 1432

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