Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chaan Suay (Bangkok)

Even though my colleagues and I work in the same office, we never seem to have time to eat lunch or chat with each other. So, we decided that every month we would eat dinner together to have a gossip session with good food and wine. This time we decided to try a very unique restaurant near our office.

The restaurant is called Chaan Suay (Pretty Plate) This restaurant has only four tables. The owner used to be a musical composer. After retirement, he and his wife opened this neighborhood restaurant (they have another branch in Hua-Hin where they cook on weekends).

We started our evening by opening a bottle of prosecco to celebrate that we actually made it to the dinner. The prosecco was just ok, nothing outstanding. But since we were all in the mood to just catch up and gossip, we did not mind.

The first dish was a mix salad with Italian sausage. A very nice salad. but the star of the dish was the Italian sausage. Slightly spicy and full of flavour.

The next dish was sauteed mushrooms. A very simple but great dish. The mushrooms were very fresh and they still had a slight chewyness to the texture.

The next dish was baked spinach with Parmesan cheese. The combination of spinach and Parmesan cheese were made for each other. Though, the spinach taste was diluted due to the Parmesan cheese, it still was a nice side dish.

The next dish was mixed salad with smoked salmon. Since we had a vegetarian friend, we ordered a lot of salads and seafood. The smoked salmon was good. I have had better but this dish was not bad.

The next dish was lasagna. Not bad at all. The meat sauce was very good and thick, the pasta was not overcooked and the dish had a very nice taste.

The white was Vision from Australia. I was not very impressed with this wine. A bit over worked and a bit on the oaky side.

The next dish was baked chicken Provencal style. The chicken was baked was tender and juicy and the sauce was light but tasty.

The next dish was pork ribs. I was not happy with the amount of ribs that was served. The portion that was offered was more for an appetizer. Pork is very cheap in Thailand, so there was no reason to be stingy. However, the ribs were very tender and tasty (for those who like garlic).

The next dish was fish (sorry I have forgotten what type of fish this was). A lightly baked fish with garlic. The fish was fresh and tender. But, I thought there was too much garlic, which overwhelmed the taste of the fish.

The red wine we had was Le Volte 2006 from Tuscany. An amazing wine from Italy. For the price and quality ratio, this is one of the best you can find in Bangkok. Assemblage of 51% sangiovese, 34% merlot, 15% cabernet sauvignon. The aromatic and structural components of the wine display perfect balance, with fresh, lightly spiced red berry fruit notes, and smooth fullness on the palate, where the soft Merlot tannins combined with the structure of Cabernet and the classic liveliness of Sangiovese.

The next dish was baked shrimp and macaroni & cheese. As you can see, my friends like baked cheese dishes. This dish was unique since they added shrimp. Another nicely baked dish, the sauce was light and tasty and the shrimps were plump and had a nice flavour.

The next dish was spaghetti bolognese. A very good dish where the sauce was light and tasty.

The next dish was fettuccine with pesto. I do like pesto and they make a very nice pesto dish here. Loads of flavour.

The first dessert was baked apple crumble. This dessert was rich and tasty. Just the right spices to add life to this dessert and another good aspect is that it was not too sweet.

The second dessert was fruit tiramisu. A very unique interpretation of the classic dessert. This was more exotique due to the fresh trpical fruits. The whipped cream replaced the cheese and the sponge cake on the bottom added more texture to the dessert. This dessert was much lighter than a tiramisu but still had a good taste.

For a simple neighborhood restaurant ambiance, this is a great place to go. It almost seems like you are eating in your own home due to smallness of the restaurant and the home cooking. The prices are very affordable for the very good quality of the food.

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