Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A new steakhouse just opened in Bangkok and we were excited to try it out. The restaurant is owned by a man named Arthur. He was well known in town for opening and running the best steakhouses such as New York New York at the JW Marriott and Prime at the Hilton Riverside. Now, he has ventured out on his own and opened Athur Steak Restaurant. The restaurant is in the Bliston Suwam Park View Service Apartments.

The ambiance is moody with dim lights and strategically aimed lights at each table so to emphasize the food. The decor is art deco with red velvet as the main material with brown and black hues to complement the rich red colour. All the cutlery, plates, napkins, candle holders, etc. were thought through carefully and are very nice. But all in all, the room is not overly done and it is trying not too hard to impress.

The amuse bouche was cream of ciboulette in an egg shell. A rich, thick & creamy cream. Simply presented and was very tasty.

The first wine was a 2007 Chablis from Louis Michel & Fils. Steven Tanzer (a wine specialist) said that this chablis was "Serious, typical, structured Chablis" I would have to agree. Drinking very well, refreshing and a nice way to start the dinner.

The first starter was Arthurs's famous Ceasar salad. The salad station is wheeled to your table and the waitress prepares the salad to your liking.

The Ceasar salad was well made & presented. I normally do not like this salad because the dressing is too creamy and the taste of the salad dressing is over powered with too much garlic. At Arthur's; the dressing is home-made and is light. The dressing was well combined with the bacon bits, croutons and lettuce so that the salad is just the perfect combination of tastes and textures.

The first red wine was a 2002 Le Merle Aux Alouettes by Alain Chabanon. More focussed than the other Merlots, with a rich and distinguished nose. Some herbaceousness - (from the 20% Syrah and Carignan?). Despite it's richness it's never heavy. Dryish finish. Still surprisingly tannic too. An amazing wine, especially in this vintage.

The second starter was bone marrow on toast. We have not seen this dish in town so was very interested to try it. My friends are all bone marrow fans; and we were not disappointed with this dish. The bone marrow was liquidy soft on a thin toasted baguette. A nice contrast of soft and crunch.

The main course was 1.3 kilo piece of meat. The meat is wheeled to the table and Arthur himself comes over to gracefully slice the beef off the bone.

The outcome is a beautifully & perfectly cooked (medium rare) piece of meat which could have fed an army. One suggestion when you go to Arthur....share!!! The portions of meat are amazingly big. Bring lots of friends so that you can share different cuts of meat.

Our meat was very tender and tasted very nice. You get to choose from a large selection of side-orders and sauces to accompany your meat. Which by the way are very tasty.

The second bottle of wine was a 2002 Chateau La Lagune. Here is what someone said about this wine and I would have to agree; a very nice wine, elegant, classic. Acidity shows the vintage. Tones of cherry, black berry, plum, tobacco, earth, cinnamon and soft tannins. Gentle, fresh, honest, but not too complex. Short to medium finish.

The last dish was a platter of cheese. The cheese platter was simply awful. The cheese was old, dry and barely had any taste. A huge disappointment after such a great start. We actually told Arthur that if they served such awful cheese they might as well not have a cheese platter. It is an insult to any cheese lover. However; I have to add that the restaurant was very nice to not charge us for the cheese platter after we told them we were not happy with it. That was a very nice gesture on their part and much appreciated.

Overall, a very nice addition to the Bangkok dinning scene. Well decorated and good ambiance; amazing service and a huge plus...its very affordable compared to the other steak restaurants in town. Do bring a pull-over (guys) or a shall (gals), it does get a bit chilly in the restaurant.

Bliston, 9 Soi Tonson Ploenchit Road Lumpini Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

66 2658 7979


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