Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chua Kim Heng

Probably the most famous 'goose' restaurant in Bangkok. Goose for some odd reason is a rare treat in Bangkok. Very difficult to find. However; thank goodness the best one in town is next to our home.

The restaurant is the most basic place; open air, basic aluminum tables with wooden stools. Nothing fancy at all. But don't let the decor & atmosphere fool you. The goose restaurant attracts the 'hi-society' of Bangkok as well. You can be sitting there at your table and a Mercedes drives up with a driver, the driver opens the door to let out a khun-ying with very high hair, big diamonds & slippers to have her lunch.

The first dish was the restaurant's famous soup. Soup with bitter gourde and stewed pork ribs. The bouillon itself is very tasty, the bitter gourd is soft & bitter and the stewed pork rib meat falls off the bone.

The second dish was deep fried crab, shrimp & pork rolls. These very yummy fried balls are really good. Great texture from all the crab, shrimp and pork. The mix of very crunchy outside with the tender & moist inside also makes this dish unique and tasty.

AND finally, the dish everyone comes for...the 'goose'. We ordered a medium sized dish with no skin. The goose has a more tender texture and is richer in flavour. The sauce is light but full of taste as well. You scoop up some of the sauce and place it in the bowl of rice that accompanies the goose. Heaven is the only word I can use to describe this dish.

Of course, the restaurant serves other wonderful dishes. However; we have never tried them because we only eat the goose. This is one of the best places in Bangkok to eat. The service is good and fast. The price is unbelievably cheap! No wonder the place is always full.

81, 83 Pattanakan Rd. Suan Luang, Bangkok, 10250
02-319-2510/ 02-729-8822/ 02-314-4486/ 02-314-7829 (I have no idea why they have so many phone numbers)

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