Sunday, February 28, 2010

Intercontinental Asiana Hotel breakfast (Saigon, Vietnam)

We stayed at the Intercontinental Asiana Hotel in Saigon. We got a good rate (hotels in Saigon are so damn expensive) for two nights. The hotel is brand new (opened last year) with a small shopping mall and the Hard Rock Cafe Saigon attached to the hotel.

Our first breakfast in the hotel. We were greeted by the friendly hostess and she led us to a table. Once seated, we were asked if we wanted tea or coffee. We chose coffee and then we were asked cappuccino, latte or black. I have to say that I was delightfully surprised & pleased by the service and the selection of food & drinks offered at the breakfast.

Everything you can think of that can be eaten for breakfast was offered. Here is the hot grill area where they roasted sausages and where they made the fresh omelletes.

The 'hot' food selection was amazing. So many international choices but lots of Vietnamese choices as well which I was happy about.

The first dish we tried was the beef pho. I am always skeptical about pho being made in hotels (bad experiences). But to our surprise the pho bouillon was very tasty, the rice noodles were cooked well and the beef was fresh and tender. Over all not bad at all.

The hot Vietnamese soup area.

The second dish was soup quoc. The broth was light but tasty, this soup had very thin rice noodle, thin beef slices and mined pork & mushroom balls. Some hoisin & red chilli sauce into the soup, a squeeze of lime, and this soup turned out to be very yummy.

After the soups, we tried some local fruit, freshly made yoghurts and pastries.

We had to admit to ourselves that the breakfast was much better in choice than the Park Hyatt Saigon. Which is hard to do since that is right now the best hotel in Saigon. Just for the breakfast alone, I would not mind going back to the Intercontinental Asiana.

Corner of Hai Ba Trung St. &, Le Duan Bl., District 1, Saigon
Front Desk: (84-8) 3520 9999

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