Monday, March 01, 2010

Highlands Coffee (Saigon, Vietnam)

After playing tourist and walking around around Saigon, we decided to have a mini break because it was very hot.

We decided to have a the break in Highlands Coffee. It is one of Vietnam's coffee chains. Vietnam is a large coffee producing country and consumer of coffee. So, there is no surprise that Vietnam has lots of international and local coffee chains spread out all over the city. But for some odd reason, Starbucks has not opened yet in Vietnam (that I know of as of today).

This particular chain was very clean & modern in style. The atmosphere was mostly studious with a dash of 'lets-get-together-and-converse'. We were very surprised to see that everyone who had a lap-top computer and working in Highlands were using Apple. The new Vietnamese generation are wealthy and do know what is good. What is also amazing in Saigon, is that every coffee shop, cafe & restaurant has free wi-fi. It is more connected than in Bangkok, which is fantastic. No wonder everyone goes to a coffeeshop with their computer in Saigon. I would to.

The menu is like every other coffee chain. However; there were some coffee drinks with a local twist.

I ordered a green tea latte and my friend ordered a ice-tea. Here is where the problem starts. The waiter we had, had no clue what it means to give good & friendly service. He pretty much did not give a damn. The supposed ice-tea arrived piping hot. We called him back and said we ordered an ice-tea. He said, wait and I get the ice. He came back and put a glass of ice on the table and walked away.

We were upset about this, cause there was no reason at all for the idiot to have an attitude. If he was having a bad day, go home! But do not splash it out on the customer.

We for sure will never go back to this particular Highlands Coffee. Especially when the choices in Saigon for great coffee and service are endless.

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jackie said...

Hi! Iam a service auditor in Highlands Coffee. When i saw your complain, iam disapointed for this. please, accept my apologise and i will check service in store carefully.
Thank for your comment!