Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There is a place that we also go for sashimi. It is very popular with the Japanese community in Bangkok. The restaurant is called Uomasa. The food is very good but what they are famous for is their sashimi and their tongue dishes. can have beef tongue in every which way you want; deep fried, sashimi style, grilled or even in soup. And it comes in all kinds of cuts & sizes.

The restaurant has two sides and two floors. One side is with tables and chairs, the other side is sitting on the floor. We prefer to side on the floor, which is the photo above. It is more fun and authentic for us.

Here is the very very very famous sashimi platter. It is so fresh that you think they just plucked it out of the ocean. It is so fresh (and I am not joking with you) that the lobster sashimi is still moving. not take friends that are vigilant about cruelty to animals. If they see the sashimi still moving, they might not like you anymore for taking them to such a place.

Uomasa's tekka maki roll. We also have this dish when we are at Uomasa. The tuna is so fresh, the rice is cooked to perfection and the seaweed is moist and slightly crunchy. Very yummy!

The next dish was beef tongue stew. I cannot say enough about this dish. The tongue was very tender and moist. The sauce was rich, thick and flavourful. A great combination of taste and texture. A unique dish and hard to find in Bangkok.

The next dish was deep fried beef tongue. With a splash of lime; this is an amazing dish.

The next dish was tofu & vegetable soup. I always like ending my Japanese meal with soba or a soup. This soup had tons of texture from the tofu, seaweed, cabbage and noodles. The broth was light but with a long finish in flavour.

We drink a lot and we always order a very large bottle of sake to accompany the food.

The key symbol of Uomasa. It hangs on the wall and reminds you all the time of fresh seafood that you can have at Uomasa. We highly recommend this place; the service is very good & friendly, the location is very central, the food is amazing.

Thong Lor soi 13, Bangkok, 10110
+66 (0)2 185 2700

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