Monday, March 22, 2010

94 -the fake one- (Saigon, Vietnam)

After having lunch (part 1) at the 'real' 94 crab restaurant. Now we are in the 'fake' 94 crab restaurant. You cannot tell the difference between the two in terms of decor & atmosphere. The only major difference is the lay-out. The 'real' 94 is more long and the 'fake' 94 is more square shaped.

I cannot believe the number of people who eat at these two restaurants. People keep coming in and out. But, I understand why; the food is sooooo gooooood!

The live crabs at the 'fake' 94 restaurant.

The cook just made crab fried rice for people to take home.

The deep fryer where they deep fry all the cha gio, soft shell crab, etc.

The famous noodle crab dish. Glass noodles with large & fresh pieces of crab. The noodles and crab were cooked to perfection; moist, not oily and full of crab taste.

The next dish was crab cha gio. These crab cha gios were larger than the usual ones you get. They were really stuffed with tons of crab. The cha gios were deep fried to a lovely colour. After putting one of the cha gios into a piece of lettuce, dipping it into nuoc mam. This was an unbelievable tasting cha gio.

The entrance to the 'fake' 94 crab restaurant, where they cook the food.

Our verdict to who is the best 94 crab restaurant is....the envelope please...

And the winner is...the FAKE 94 restaurant. The vote was 3 for the fake 94 crab restaurant to 1 vote for the real 94 crab restaurant. The three of us thought the noodle crab dish had more taste and the crab was much more moist and flavourful. The one vote for the real 94 crab restaurant because that person thought the crab was much fresher.

In the end you must go try both for yourselves and decide which is one the best for you.

But all of us were stuffed with so much crab that we needed a Vietnamese coffee to keep us from falling asleep.

94 Dien Tien Hoang, District 1, Saigon

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