Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mojo (Saigon, Vietnam)

Before going to dinner; we always meet our friends at Mojo bar for drinks. It is centrally located so it is close to the hotel and restaurants. Mojo is connected to the Sheraton on Dong Khoi Street.

The bar is not very large but consist of three floors. The decor is mostly golds, browns, beiges with hint of yellows. It is modern in design and furniture. The atmosphere is easy going and most of the guest are ex-pats or tourists.

It is all open with no walls. You can sit and enjoy your drink while people watching.

Mojo does not have the best service in town. Actually, the service is pretty sad. The first waitress we had did not speak a word of English, which is ok since we are in Vietnam. However; she works in a bar that caters to ex-pats and tourists. We wanted to know what kind of gin they had for our gin & tonic. She just could not understand until we asked for the manager. Then everything was ok.

But, then our friends arrived and we could not find any staff. For some odd reason, they all liked to hang out in the kitchen; at the same damn time. So, people in the bar were waiting for either menus, to take their order or to ask for the bill. No one was around. It is very strange. It was not like this the last time we were in Saigon.

On top of that; drinks at Mojo are not cheap, but we are starting to find out that Vietnam overall is an expensive country to visit. Value for money...Thailand is a much better deal.

88 Dong Khoi St., District 1, Saigon
(84-8) 3827 2828

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