Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ram Nam Tao Hu Yong Her

I went to meet a friend for lunch which was between his office and my office. We decided to go to one of the most popular places to go for xiao long pao. There is no parking so you have to take the BTS to Chong Nong Si or take a taxi.

Once you enter, you actually think you are somewhere in China. The staff barely speak Thai (or English). However; thank goodness for my friend who is an expert at finger pointing at the menu and he is familiar with the food of the restaurant, so that the ordering was hassle free.

The first dish was steamed tofu. The tofu had a more solid texture than normal. The colour was also not the usual. The flavour was a bit bland, but once you dip it into the sauce, it turned out pretty good.

The next dish was pickled cucumber with garlic. I thought this was a strange combination. I have to confess that I was not a fan of this dish. However; my friend ate the whole thing, so I am assuming that he enjoyed the dish very much.

The next dish looked more of a Mexican dish. I have never seen a dish like this before. It was duck wrapped and fried. However; once you bit into the thing, you knew right away it was not Mexican but Chinese. It was an amazing dish. The flavours of the duck, herbs & veggies was striking. The wrapping was slightly crispy.

The next dish was the house specialty; xiao long pao. I do love these little Chinese dumplings. When done right, they are magical. These xiao long paos were firm and the skin was not too think (which is a good thing). Once you put the xiao long pao onto your Chinese soup spoon, you let the tasty juices spill out and then you slip the whole thing into your mouth. The flavours just burst!

The next dish was stewed beef soup with noodles. The beef was so tender, the noodles were firm and the soup broth was so tasty. This is how everyone should always end a xiao long pao lunch. A terrific tasting soup with full of texture and flavours.

An amazing place to have lunch. So affordable and the food is so delicious. The ambiance and decor is nothing to write home about; but the food is the star and that is something you for sure will tell your friends about.

68 Narathiwat Road, Bangkok
Next to BTS Chongnonsi

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