Friday, March 26, 2010

Hua Pla Chong Nonsi

A friend of mine who lives near my office, asked to meet for dinner. He recommended a place that was between his place and my office. He chose a very popular but very simple Thai restaurant called Hua Pla Chong Nonsi. I was very excited to try because I had never been there and I did hear fantastic things about the place.

The place is really really really simple. There are two sections; one section is sitting outside with fans and the other section is air-conditioned. We chose inside because it was so hot.

The decor is the most basic aluminum tables and fake leather chairs. There is absolutely no ambiance; therefore, you can rightly assume that the food will be the star of the place.

The first dish was seafood in herbs & spices. The seafood was very fresh, the sauce was flavourful and the spicyness of the dish hit us right away (which is a good thing).

The next dish was deep fried crab rolls. Deep fried to a golden brown and the crab stuffing was moist & juicy. If you love fried foods like me; you will certainly like this dish.

The next dish was one of the restaurant's house specialties; tom yum goong. This was an amazing way to serve the tom yum goong. Letting us cook the fresh prawns ourselves. A great idea. The tom yum was out of this world. The bold & rich flavours; the sweet, sour, tangy & spicy blended so well. After we dipped the prawns into the soup (we like our prawns slightly raw in the middle) and took them out; the prawns soaked a bit of the flavourful taste of the soup. This is one of those kinds of dishes that you will dream of and be addicted to.

The next dish was raw crab with herbs & spices. This is not a dish for everyone. But, we really like it. Nothing better than raw crab accompanied with Thai herbs & spices. Eating crab takes steps; first trying to get all the meat out of the shell and then secondly sucking on the limbs to get as much of the juices & sauces. A messy way to eat but so worth it.

The next dish was dried squid salad. Lots of textures and flavours in this simple dish. The dried squid was sweet & chewy. The wing bean was slightly bitter & crunchy. All together a very nice dish.

The next dish was grilled pork neck. The pork was unbelievably tender, juicy & so so good. A slightly fattier part of the pig, but that's what makes this meat so tender when grilled; all the juicy fat being melted.

The outside section of the restaurant where you can see the open kitchen and watch the staff make the wonderful food.

Overall; a very simple place but the service is good (but not the friendliest), the prices are amazingly cheap and the food is incredibly yummy!

Sorry, I forgot the address but the restaurant is on Rama III. I promise to give the address & phone number very soon.


nang said...

phone and address, please

thank you


Trombonartist said...

155/323 ถนนจรัญสนิทวงศ์ แขวงบางอ้อ เขตบางพลัด กรุงเทพฯ 10700

สาขา : ถนนจรัญสนิทวงศ์

เบอร์โทรศัพท์ :0-2880-0107-8