Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Benthanh Market II (Saigon, Vietnam)

After looking at all the delicious food. It was time to look if there was anything new in the market. The coffee and the black pepper corns are some of the things we are always looking for to take back to Bangkok. But, Vietnam also has some of the most amazing tasting avocados and mangoes in South East Asia.

The huge hallway where you can find anything. You have to be very strong to bargain with the Vietnamese. They can actually wear you down, so always get ready to bargain.

Dried seafoods.

Amazing local fruits such as durian, avocados, lychees, milk fruit, dragon fruit and milky boobs fruit.

Dried herbs and a huge coffee selection.

The most delicious mangoes. They are the size of rugby balls. I have no idea why the mangoes in Vietnam are so large.

Preserved vegetables and all types of sauces.

Pickled vegetables and different sauces.

All types of dried herbs.

Dried shrimps, octopus and other tasty stuff.

The fresh market. We were late so there was not much left. Most of the wet market was cleaning up and closing up shop. Here is the meat stall.

The seafood stall.

This is the most amazing sight to behold. Everything you see is crab. They have taken different parts of the crab meat and separated it. So you can choose which type of crab meat you want. Very impressive. We have never seen that any where before.

Benthanh Market is fun to see and if you are hungry to eat. It is not far and is walking distance from most hotels in Saigon. A must when you are in Saigon.

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