Saturday, February 27, 2010

Q Bar (Saigon, Vietnam)

After having champagne at 2 Lon Son bar, we decided to move to the uber famous bar of Saigon...The Q Bar.

Everyone knows the Q Bar. It is build on the side of the famous Saigon Opera House. You can imagine how beautiful the building can be. What makes Q Bar very popular is the outdoor sitting area. The inside gets packed on weekends with the dance crowd. The outside is for people want to people watch and lounge.

We decided to drink the local Vietnamese beer; beer 333 (beer ba ba ba).

A shot of the amazing Opera house in the background with the cool people of Saigon hanging out and enjoying the cool evening of Saigon.

The Q Bar also opened in Bangkok. But, the one in Bangkok just does not seem to capture the same ambiance and feeling of the one in Saigon. Sitting outside under the stars and next to the Opera House, where else can you do that?

Opera House, 7 Lam Son Square
District 1, Saigon

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