Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baan Look-Sau (Hua-Hin)

It was time for lunch and we decided to eat outside of the Evason Hideaway. We were going to have a big wine dinner that evening at the hotel, so we wanted something easy going but very delicious. We had a friend who was an expert on Hua-Hin and knew a fantastic open aired restaurant very close to the hotel (lucky us). The name of the restaurant was Baan Look-Sau.

Baan Look-Sau looks simple but boy-oh-boy, the food is outstanding. Luckily we had Thai friends there to order the food because everything was in Thai. They ordered some very local foods and lots of seafood.

The first dish was local fish curry with galangal root and basil. I never had this dish was before and it did not disappoint. It was actually an amazing dish. Rich, spicy, and full of flavours and textures. The fish was very fresh and delicate. I definately want to have this again.

The second dish was crab fried rice. You can always judge a restaurant with their crab fried rice. Since, its practically available in most restaurants, we can compare. The crab fried rice is here was great. We ordered a medium size and when it came, it looked like it could feed an army (we ate it all). It was not too oily, the amount of crab was proper and the taste of the crab was apparent. Just a squeeze of lime on top and it was lovely.

The third dish is a favourite of ours. Fresh raw shrimp swimming in fish sauce and lime wedges. Thailand's version of sashimi. It comes with an amazing and very spicy green sauce (I have no clue what goes into it but believe me, your scalp will itch from the spiciness). The combination is unbeatable.

The fourth dish was stir fried kale with salty fish. A simple dish but packed with flavours. The strong flavours coming from the fresh bitter kale, salty fish and oyster & fish sauce.

The fifth dish was tom yum seafood. Its always spectacular to see this dish arrive at your table. Such an inventive pot to keep the soup boiling hot. This dish was just not only beautiful but so delicious. First of all, it is difficult to get the right balance of; salty, sour, sweet and spicy. On top of that, to serve this dish with the seafood not over cooked. But, this dish was well balanced and the seafood was cooked to perfection.

The sixth dish was squid salad. The squid was incredibly fresh. The squid was cut into bite size chunks and cooked just right so that the squid was not chewy.

The seventh dish was deep fried fish with fish sauce. WOW, an amazing dish. Rich fish sauce flavour but not over whelming the fish. The fish was very fresh and it was deep fried to perfection. Crisp on the outside but so tender and moist on the inside. We do hate it when resturants over cook fish. But this simple restaurant did an amazing job with cooking the fish.

A few friends and myself have decided to go back to 'basics'. We are going to try to discover and eat more often in these delicious, wonderful but simple restaurants. Thailand has so many of them and we have barely scratched the surface to experience the great cooking and fresh ingredients. At the same time, they are so affordable and fun.

If you are in Hua-Hin, I definately recommend that you stop by this lovely restaurant. The staff was efficient and friendly. As you can see we ordered a lot of food and when the bill arrived, we were pleasantly pleased how cheap the lunch was.

Click here: How to get to Baan Look-Sau

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