Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Le Ballon Des Ternes (17th arrondissement)

My friend was not feeling very well. He had stomach problems due to eating 'lievre royale' (rabbit stuffed with fois gras and cooked in it's own blood) two evening before and it was causing problems to his liver. We decided to have something light to eat. There is a fantastic and incredibly popular brasserie near the apartment. The name is Le Ballon des Ternes in the 17th arrondissement. Le Ballon Des Ternes is also famous for their fresh seafood towers.

My starter was the ever so popular and yummy brasserie fish soup. The soup was very rich, thick and flavourful. The fish soup is accompanied with toasted buttered bread, shredded cheese and le rouille sauce. Dipping the bread into the soup, topping the bread with some sauce and cheese. The outcome is heavenly. A very satisfying soup during the winter cold.

My main course was roasted gigot d'agneau. A huge chunk of lamb with mushrooms, green beans and mashed potato. A feast! The lamb was suculent, tasty and tender. Very filling as well.

My friend who was sick, had the ray. The ray also was a huge portion, topped with capers for saltiness and buttered croutons for extra texture. The dish was accompanied with boiled potatoes. The ray was very fresh, tender and flaky. Another nice dish for the winter season.

Since my friend was not in the drinking mood, we shared half a bottle of the house wine. Which I have to say was not bad at all. It had good fruit and acidity. It also went well with the food.

Le Ballon Des Ternes is one of the few restaurants that is open on Sundays. If you know Paris, its very difficult to find a 'great' place to eat on Sundays. We are lucky that we have this brasserie one minute walk from the apartment.

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