Thursday, December 25, 2008

Le Hide (17th arrondissment)

We heard about this great bistro from Francois Simon, the popular food critique, named Le Hide. He chose Le Hide as the bistro of the month (click her to read: francoissimon). To our luck, its very close to the apartment. So, we decided to try it. Le Hide is a very small bistro with about 15 tables cramped very close to each other. The decor is minimal but its the food that is the star. The interesting thing about Le Hide is that the chef is Japanese (Chef Koba) and is cooking French food. He has cooked in some of the finest restaurants and he finally opened his own restaurant about 1.5 year ago. Thank goodness he did.

The first dish was galette aux queues d'ecrivisse au beurre demi sel citronne. It was a busy day and they ran out of galette, and asked if we would mind if they replaced the galette with ravioli instead. The outcome was a very tasty dish. The ravioli was freshly made and it was layed over the ecrivisse. When you lifted the ravioli, there were hundreds of ecrivissse in a sauce of butter and lemon.

The second dish was salade de lentille, roquette et saucisson de Lyon tiede. Sounds simple enough, but it was more complicated than that. The cleverness of the chef; he created a dish with three different temperatures. The lentils were hot, the roquette was cold and the saucisson de Lyon was warm. A great combination.

The third dish was oie rotie aux marron sur risotto a l'huile de truffe blanche. I have not had goose in a long time, so this was an easy choice. The goose was tender and fell off the bone. The marrons were a great additional taste and texture. The risotto was cooked perfectly and had a lovely taste of white truffle. A great winter dish.

The fourth dish was cote de veau (350g) poelee au beurre demi sel. We could not believe the size of the cote de veau. Luckily we were hungry. The cote de veau was cooked to order; pink. The sauce was a simple demi-cream sauce so to not overwhelm the cote de veau taste.

The cote de veau was accompanied with pomme puree. A rustic/ country style pomme puree. Big chunks instead of the potatoe being mashed into a smooth consistency. Simple butter and a few herbs made this dish a simple pleasure.

Le Hide is now one of our favourite bistros and thank goodness its walking distance from the apartment.

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