Friday, December 12, 2008

Evason Hideaway: Breakfast (Hua-Hin)

Coming out of our villa for breakfast, we were greeted with a wonderful tropical oasis. We were very lucky to have a villa right opposite the breakfast area instead of having to walk several minutes. Yes, I want to have my breakfast right away. Hungry, hungry, hungry...

A lovely scene emerges from the lush greenery. Sucken salas in the middle of the water lilly pond. A very beautiful, cool & unique idea as well as adding an extra drama to our breakfast.

The largest sala is the main dining room. Where the buffet was set.

The concept of the breakfast buffet is that all the breads, pastries, cereals, cold cuts, cheese, etc. are set up as a buffet. For the main hot breakfast course, you can chooose from the menu (as well as much as you want). The hot breakfast menu has lots of foreign and Thai breakfast to choose from. For example; for the foreign breakfast choices were; eggs benedict, pancackes with shreded zuchini, eggs anyway you like it, etc. For the Thai breakfast choices were; Thai omelette, congee, fried noodles, etc.

The pastries and breads are all made in the resort. The outcome is fresh and delicious pastries. There was a particular chocolate croissant that was heavenly.

As mentioned before, the concept of the Evason Hideaway, is that all the foods are as organic as can be. So, for example; the honey is fresh from the bee hive. All the jams are from organic fruites and the amazing selection they have: banana, ginger, papaya, strawberry, etc. The jams are not too sweet and its like biting into a fresh fruit.

The cold room is where all the foods that need to have a constant cool temperature; such as sushi, cheeses, yoghurts, muesli, etc.

The main dining sala. Stunning bright coloured cushions and pillows surround your chair while eating breakfast. Its such a relaxing atmosphere that you want to sleep right in your chair after eating.

The fresh juice bar is equipped with freshly pressed juices such as orange, carrot, pomelo and watermelon. This is also where the staff make the coffee.

I was trying to be healthy (too late) with my choice of hot breakfast. I chose the whole wheat pancakes. After I ordered, I was having second thoughts because it might be too healthy and taste like it as well. I was thinking, since I was on holiday, I should splurge and eat something wicked for my health like eggs benedict. However; I was proven wrong that something healthy can actually taste very good. The pancakes were cooked to a nice crisp on the outside and soft & tender in the inside. To accompany the pancakes was fresh honey and sliced bananas. A great combination and a delicious breakfast.

The entertainment for breakfast was in the middle sala. Two thai gentlemen were playing traditional Thai instruments and playing classical Thai music. It added another wonderful element to the already gorgeous setting.

Just another view of the dining salas to make you more jelous. Or actually to convince you to go to the Evason Hideaway for your next holiday.

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