Thursday, December 11, 2008

Evason Hideaway: The Beach Restaurant (Hua-Hin)

We took a tour of the Evason Hideaway. It is a huge property next to the ocean (thought there is a small road between the resort and ocean). There is no beach, due to the ocean rising over the years and taking over the sandy land. The swimming pool is beautiful, surrounded by palm and coconut trees. It is everything you would expect from a tropical swimming atmosphere. The water was way to cold for me, but there were very brave Europeans and some Thais swimming.

The pool bar is a huge and open air wooden structure. The lower floor fantastic place to have afternoon drinks and the second floor is a cool loungy area for after sunset drinks. Happy hour starts at 17:00.

From all the dining choices of the Evason Hideaway, we chose to have an easy going dinner our first night at the resort. Our choice was The Beach. It is next to the beach (of course), and it offers pizzas, salads and meats. It is an open-aired restaurant. It was a lovely evening with the breeze flowing through the room.

With the low lighting, large candles lit up on each table, plush cushons and pillows in our booth, it was a cozy & relaxing atmosphere.

For starters, we decided to share a basic pizza, nothing with too much toppings since we did not want to ruin our appetites for the main courses. From the wood oven came out this lovely pizza (thought small for my standards). The dough was perfectly crisp and the toppings were fresh.

The second dish was a Cesar salad (sorry for the horrific photo). My friend is allergic to garlic, we asked if it was possible to make the salad dressing without garlic and the answer was "of course we can". That is what we call a great kitchen.

The third dish was a salt encrusted sea bass. When it arrived at our table, it was not what we expected from the description on the menu. We imagined that a whole fish would arrive 'encrusted in sea salt', the salt crust broken & the fish served on to the plate in front of us. What arrrived was a filet of sea bass. Thought the fish dish was well presented and had good flavours, we thought the texture of the fish was a bit soft.

The fourth dish was crab lasagna. A great invention and tasted wonderful. The lasagna pasta was cooked just right, plenty of chuncks of fresh crab meat, just the right amount of cheese and the flavours added up to be a very nice and interesting dish.

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