Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Street Food (Fried Tofu & Taro)

I have a weakness for deep fried foods. I know, I know, its horrible for my health. But, did I mention I was weak??? I had a boat noodle soup lunch on soi Thonglor and when I walked out of the restaurant, there was a deep fried tofu and taro street vendor. I really like deep fried tofu; so of course, I had to stop and have some.

The fried tofu & taro were made from a very nice couple. They prepare, cut and deep fry the tofu & taro on the sidewalk. The couple had a very large and modern frying contraption. The frying oil is placed in the middle, heated at a high temperature, and the tofu & taro are placed in the middle. Once the tofu & taro are done, they are scooped up and placed on the drying rack for the excess oil to drip off.

I prefer the taste and texture of deep fried tofu over taro. The tofu was crispy outside and soft inside. There is a sweet & spicy sauce with peanuts that accompanies the tofu & taro. But I prefer the tofu plain. The taro is much richer, fattier, crunchier and denser but I am not too fond of the taro flavour.

I will never be hungry when Bangkok has such great snacks on the street, oh and cheap as well.

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