Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Supanniga Eating Room by Khun Yai

The buzz from all our foodie freind's mouths was; "have you tried the new Thai restaurant on Thonglor?"  Well...Ummm....No....What new Thai restaurant?  That's it; no more not knowing; we went to try the new place out for lunch.  The restaurant is called Supanniga Eating Room by Khun Yai.

Another mundane shop house on Thonglor turned into something fabulous.  The restaurant takes two floors (the photo above is the dinning area on the second floor).  Not much decor with simple booths with slide in sofas and wooden tables.  The atmosphere is warm and cozy...like being in someone's home.

The story behind Supanniga Eating Room is that...(I presume its Khun Yai) the young guy who opened this restaurant is the grandson of the owner of a hotel in Khon Kaen province and named the restaurant after his grandmother.  The grandmother had a very popular restaurant in the hotel (I hope I got this story right).  When she passed away; he decided to take some his grandmother's cooks to Bangkok to open Supanniga.  What a great idea!

The amuse bouche was Ground pork, peanuts & cane sugar on pineapple.  A lovely blend of sweet, sour, tangy, acidic and a touch of spiciness.

The appetizer was Nam Prik Kahi Pu (190 baht).  The spicy dip of sea water crab roe and crab meat with fresh veggies.  I loooovvveeee nam prik pu; so when I saw this on the menu, we had to order it.  Thank goodness we did.  It was soooooo yummy.  The nam prik was not too thick, chunks of crab floating mixed with chillies and it had a egg yolkie yellow colour to it.  The fresh veggies tasted so much better with the dip.  

The next dish was Pla Too Tod Nam Pla (160 baht).  The wok-fried fresh Thai mackerels with fish sauce was out of this world.  The fish was cooked perfectly with slight crispness on the outside yet soft & tender on the inside.  The fish sauce added so much flavour to the fish.  I could have eaten a ton of them.

The next dish was Ka Lum Tod Nam Pla (120 baht).  The very famous house specialty...fried chinese cabbage in fish sauce from Trad province.  Who would have thought that someone could turn the old and boring cabbage into something spectacular.  Ummmm; wow, this dish was incredible.  The cabbage was tender yet still had a slight crunch to it.  The fish sauce from Trad province gave that punch of flavour to wake up the taste buds.  Amazing cabbage.

The next dish was Moo Cha Muang (170 baht).  The pork stewed in Thai herbs and cha muang leaves was so tender.  I have no idea how many ingredients were used to make this dish but it was very rich in flavour.  The cha muang leaves added texture.  Truly a great dish.

The next dish was Yum Cha Plu Sardine (120 baht).  The sardines mixed with cha pu leaves, tomato sauce, herbs with a chilli sauce was a very interesting dish; so we for sure had to have it.  What an explosion of flavours & textures in the mouth.  Sardines are not used as much as they should be; this dish proves that it can make a lovely tasting dish.

The next dish was Pad Nam Prik Sa-taw Goong Sod (180 baht).  The southern wild beans stir-fried with prawns and shrimp paste from Koh Chang is not loved by everyone.  The southern sato beans have a particular smell and bitter taste that is very unique.  Either you hate it or love it.  I do not mind it if it is cooked well.  This dish makes the sato beans very likeable due to the flavour of the shrimp paste and chillies.

The last dish was Khai Jiew Pu (140 baht).  Fried omelet with crab meat is not the most exciting dish but ohoyyy; it is one of those simple dishes that just warms up your heart and stomach.  Adding crab to a khai jiew just makes this simple dish into a spectacular simple dish.  

Overall; we are so happy that Supanniga opened on Thonglor.  We are so lucky that it is very close to my home.  The Thai food is unique and some of the dishes are not found in other Thai restaurants.  The ingredients are the best around.  The  food is very flavourful and the service is very friendly & attentive.  The prices are also reasonable.  A nice addition to the Thonglor food scene.  

Address:  160/11 soi Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor)
Phone #:  02-714-7508
Opening hours:  daily from 11:30 - 14:30 and 17:30 - 23:30


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An excellent restaurant indeed! Friendly, efficient staff and delicious food.

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