Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Masala Art

We have heard that a very good Indian restaurant existed on the second floor of the '8' building on Thonglor.  I am no expert at Indian food and I rarely eat it.  So it was time to try something different.  The name of the restaurant was Masala Art.

The restaurant is long with many tables.  What decor is refreshing for an Indian really breaks from the typical overly decorated Indian restaurant.  Masala Art still stays true to the Indian splash of bold colours but has toned it down a bit with such colours as burnt orange, dark green and pale beige.  The walls have a touch of gold and the dark wooden floors to round out the warm mood & tone of the place.

Amuse bouche of tomato & spices broth.  Such a small cup of broth but had a strong punch of flavour.  It was very tasty and refreshing.

The first dish was Peshawari Seekh Kebab (375 baht).  The minced mutton with tons of spices then cooked in the tandoori oven was so so yummy.  The mutton was of good quality and had good texture, the dish had loads of colour from the ingredients and was a good portion to share.

The next dish was Tandoori Aloo (250 baht).  Who would not like potatoes marinated in tandoori powder, garlic paste and yoghurt then cooked in the tandoori oven...we for sure enjoyed this dish.  The potatoes were soft and tender and each one bursting with flavour.

The next dish was Saag Paneer (275 baht).  The spinach and Indian farmer's cheese was a lovely combination.  The dish had creamy, velvety and smooth texture.  A cool and soothing dish that counter balanced the curry dishes.

The next dish was Fish Goan Curry (395 baht).  This curry dish was fire red in colour but thank goodness it did not match in terms of spiciness (the spiciness was just right).  Well balanced in flavour and tons of flavour might I add...however; with a curry like this, the fish only plays a minor character.  The fish was pretty much used just for texture.  A really tasty dish.  

The next dish was Korma Chicken Curry (320 baht).  Talk about a curry that explodes with flavour.  No wonder....a curry that has so many spices but with yoghurt to smoothen & thicken the curry; its a recipe for success.  The chicken was of good quality and was tender.  A lovely dish.

The Plain Nan basket (150 baht) that accompanied the food.   One way to test an Indian restaurant is by their can always tell if they use good quality flour.  Thank goodness; the nan at Marsala Art was very good.  Slightly crusty and crunchy on the outside but tender and soft on the inside.  Just lovely with all the curries.

Overall;  we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and how good the food was at Masala Art.  They used very good raw ingredients and spices.  The dishes were good portions to share.  The prices were not cheap but yet it was not too expensive either.  Its about the same everywhere in town for Indian food.

The service was a very friendly and helpful...however; they were too pushy in trying to up-sale on dishes (which I really really hate).  Its like treating customer like idiots.  But; were were nice and told the wait person we needed time to decide from the extensive list of choices on the menu and if we had questions, we would ask.  The wait person understood and left us alone for a few minutes to look at the menu.

I seldom think of eating Indian food but if I ever have a craving for it...Marsala Art would definately be a choice.

Address:  The 8 Building; Thonglor soi 8, 2nd floor, soi 55 (Thonglor) Sukhumvit
Phone:  02-713-8357   


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