Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Boqueria (Barcelona, Spain)

We were leaving Barcelona but before we left we wanted to have breakfast at the Boqueria. Anyone who has been in Barcelona knows where the Boqueria is; it is just one of the best markets anywhere. You can find the most freshest and amazing produce that the area has to offer. But one reason why we always go there is because of one specific place...Kiosko Universal.

For all the times we have eaten in Barcelona; Kiosk Universal is still one of our favourites. It is for sure not 'fine dinning' but oh my oh my is the food fresh and good.

The ambiance is the hussle & bussle of the Boqueria market; everyone knows each other and everyone either stops by for food, a coffee or something alcoholic. But the place has a very homey and friendly feel.

We love sitting on the counter to see all the fresh seasonal food that is available.

BUT; what caught our eye for breakfast was the amazingly beautiful display of different mushrooms of the season. It was an amazing sight to behold. Our mouths just watered looking at it.

The idea is that you choose either from the chalkboard menu or just point at something you are interested in to eat. The cooks will cook the dish in front of you.

The first dish was Fried seasonal mushrooms in a herbed olive oil. The mushrooms had amazing textures from the different types of mushrooms, as well as different tastes. Cooked so simple but the flavours of the mushrooms, olive oil, herbs and salt was a lovely combination.

The next dish was a Spinach omelette. The omelette was cooked to perfection; still runny in the middle. Again; so simple yet so so good.

The mushroom & omelette dishes was all we needed to start our day. Of course the coffee was really good as well. The total bill came to 12 euros. The quality and price ratio is absolutely outstanding.

After breakfast; we took a tour of the market to see what was new or interesting to take back to France. The seafood always looks so fresh, colourful and beautiful.

More wonderful seafood.

The bountiful seasonal fruits. But; what caught our eyes were the Morel mushrooms. These mushrooms cost so much in France so we were stunned how affordable they were in Barcelona...so of course we bought a big bunch.

The abundance of wonderful fruits.

One of the main reasons why anyone goes to Spain...Jamón ibérico, Iberian ham, also called pata negra. This stuff is so so good; but, also so so expensive. We wanted to buy some but decided not too because we were being too cheap. Next time!

The ham experts; slicing by hand the jam for customers.

We truly love eating and walking around the Boqueria. It was as usual; a great trip to Barcelona. It was time to drive back to France.

C/ LA Rambla, 91
08002 Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: 933 182 584

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