Sunday, June 26, 2011

Din Tae Fung

Finally; Din Tae Fung opens in Bangkok. It was suppose to open several months ago but due to the Red Shirts burning down Central World shopping mall, Din Tae Fung postponed its grand opening.

Din Tae Fung started in Taiwan. It has been so popular and successful there that it has expanded all over Asia....Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and even Australia. Din Tae Fung is considered one of the 'best' dumpling restaurant around.

It has been a huge success since day one of its opening in Bangkok! There is always a queue once the doors open at 12 noon. No matter what time you arrive at Din Tae Fung; you have to wait atleast 20 minutes. However; they have clever system to make things go faster. Once you get your number; you are also given the menu and an order form and you can fill out your order.

Once your number is called; you give your order form to the waitress and she leads you to your table. The food arrives fairly quickly.

You are able to see and decide what types of dumplings are available.

Here is the most amazing thing about Din Tae Fung. All the dumplings are hand made on premise. Here is the woman rolling out the dough for the dumplings.

Here are the men who are steaming the dumplings.

Every dumpling is lovingly rolled out, stuffed and folded precisely before our eyes.

Din Tae Fung is enormous and there are so many service staff running around. For sure you will not complain that the service is slow.

We started with hand made noodles with a spicy sauce.

The Pork dumplings.

The Vegetable dumplings.

The Shrimp dumplings.

The Crab dumplings.

The Chinese Vegetables.

Overall; fantastic! The dumplings were so so good. The skin of the dumpling were thin yet strong to hold in the juices and the stuffing. The filling; either the pork, shrimp or crab, were all fresh and tasted very good. The dumplings were steaming hot, moist and juicy. The service is quick and friendly. I don't think Din Tae Fung needs to try very hard to convince people in Bangkok to try their food; there is always a huge following and I am one of them.

CentralWorld Shopping Centre
Level 7,
Rajdamri Road, Patumwan,
Bangkok 10330


Bankung said...

I would say the restaurant had just recently improved.
When I first went there a week after the opening, I was frustrated! The dumplings were tastelessssss and the soup was not that delicious. I, then , rated it below other dumpling restaurant like Xiao Long Bao (also much cheaper).

However, I heard that they have done it better now. So, will try it again soon!

Riya said...

My mate told me that its not as good as the one in HK.

I plan to go to CTW branch next week. We shall see...

Matthieu said...

Sticky rice dumpling is a treat!