Saturday, June 04, 2011

Le Cinq V (Paris)

One of the most beautiful dinning rooms in Paris is at the Le Cinq V (Four Seasons Hotel). Once in a while when we feel like splurging on ourselves with a long, amazing & delicious lunch experience, we go to the Le Cinq V. was time to splurge on ourselves.

Le Cinq V is considered one of the best dinning experiences in town. It is a two star Michelin restaurant and the chef is indeed amazing. We prefer to have lunch at the two or three star Michelin restaurant because a) its waaayyy cheaper and b) its easier going.

The lunch menu was 85 euros which included a choice of entrée, poisson or viande and a dessert. We consider this a reasonable for the highest quality in terms of atmosphere, food, wine & service.

The decor of the Le Cinq V was feel the elegance & opulence the moment you walk in. The main colour schemes of gold, browns and yellow with a hint of reds, violets & fusia add liveliness to a place that could have been too overwhelming. The grand & large windows allow sunlight into the room that adds warmth.

The pre-amuse bouche was Deep fried calamari. These little things were cooked perfectly; lightly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The fresh bread and so good and dangerous because I ate so much bread before the food arrived.

The amuse bouche was a large Prawn with Safron, Orange ball and Tempura shrimp tail.

My entrée was Bouillon de légumes printanier au gingembre, ravioles de foie gras de canard.

The colours of Spring and all the goodies that are so wonderful at this time of year were represented in this dish. White & green asparagus, turnips, peas, baby carrots, ginger & courgettes with the most delicate raviolies filled with fois gras. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the bouillon had a light but long flavour. What a lovely dish.

My friend's entrée was Sardines fraîches de Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie...tartare/ grillée/ petite bouille en gelée. The starter was sardines made in three different ways...each one had its own distinct flavour & texture...the dishes were fresh and original.

My main dish was Lapin Rex du Poitou...cuisiné aux pistes, bayaldi de légumes, jus au muscadet. The rabbit was cooked soooo right; it was moist and tender, which is not often the case when it comes to rabbit and the pistachios added texture and flavour. The sauce was fine yet rich.

My friend's main dish was Rouelle de lote bretonne...rôti au fenouil/ poutargue/ oignon grillée/ pomme de noirmoutier au beurre d'algues.

We seldom drink alcohol during lunch; but who could resist not to when the wine list at Le Cinq was a list that any wine lover could ever dream of. We decided to go with a 2002 Clos Du Val D'Eleon from Alsace.

The pre-dessert was Raspberry, coconut marangue & yoghurt ice cream.

My dessert was Profiterolles croustillantes...bananes fressinettes/ gingembre, sauce chocolat.

My friend's dessert was Fraises des bois...crème légère aux agrumes.

The beautiful trolley with mini treats with our coffee.

Our selection of mini treats.

Overall; what can I say???? Absolutely lovely from every aspect...the atmosphere, decor, service food & wine. The perfect combination to make a our afternoon pass by so fast (the lunch only lasted four hours).

We know some people who do not like going to these 'types' of establishments for dinning because they feel that it is is too posh and snobby. OK, I agree with the posh; but I disagree with the snobby aspect. It is the reverse, everyone is so nice & welcoming.

The only strange thing was that the gentleman sitting at the table next to ours, felt it was a bit warm in the dinning room and wanted to take off his blazer (which is required for all gentlemen eating at Le Cing), he was nicely made notice of the rule that he was not allowed to take off the blazer since it was a required item for all gentlemen. Now, I can see why some people refuse to eat at these types of establishments. However; that rule will not stop us from going back to Le Cinq and I truly can't wait.

31 Avenue George V,
75008 Paris'
Tel.: 01 49 52 70 00


Riya said...

At times, I love to dress up and go to fancy restaurants. I love to experience perfection and to experience food that's so delectable and there is no way I can be able to cook at home.

Matthieu said...

The pre-amuse bouche really sucks The rest is astonishing

Prefer automn/winter though, the spring/summer menu offers far less choice.