Wednesday, June 08, 2011

La Fête du Vin (Montpeyroux, France)

We main reason we went back to Montpeyroux was because it was La Fête du Vin. This special occasion only happens every two years. So we for sure could not miss it. There are 18 wine producers in Montpeyroux; the concept of La Fête du Vin is that all the wine producers of the area open up their caves for free tastings for the public.

People buy a wine glass for 6 euros and with this wine glass they can take it to all the wine makers and try all their wines. The whole village participates in this event; there are musicians, food stalls, clowns and wine fairies.

The map of Montpeyroux town and where all the wine makers are located.

The main road of Montpeyroux heading to the place central.

The first open cave was Mas d'Amiel.

The second stop was Domain of the best wine makers of the area.

Many people enjoying tasting wines.

The wines of Alain Chabanon; L'Esprit de Font Caude, Campredon and Trelans.

Moving on; we headed towards place central to see what was happening.

The place where people can rest and eat some food.

A beautiful day in Montpeyroux.

The wine fairies arriving to do the festive wine dance.

I had to start spitting by the fifth cave we stopped at. I did not want to get drunk and make a fool of myself.

La Fête du Vin of Montpeyroux is lovely and easy going event. We got to meet our neighbors and meet the really great wine makers of the area. The ambiance, the weather and of course the wines made it such a great day.

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