Thursday, June 02, 2011

La Cave de l'Os à Moelle (Paris)

This had to be one of the most interesting bistros we have been in Paris for a long time. The concept is really cool, the people running it are really nice and the food was really good.

The bistro was called La Cave de l'Os à Moelle. The bistro is in the 15th arrondissment. The place had a rustic feel to it; brick walls, stone floors and wood tables & chairs. A simple but very comfortable place.

The concept of the bistro is...pretty much, help yourself and eat until you drop. You are placed in a communal table where dish after dish of is placed on the table for everyone to share. The warm food is placed on the stove in the back of the bistro. So you just go to the back and serve yourself.

Our table was in front of the bistro with the view of the street (in my opinion, the best table in the place); our table was actually a huge wine barrel turned into a table. Our dinner companions was an American man with his Taiwanese wife and her sister. They all lived in San Francisco and they come to Paris every year to enjoy the gastronomic wonders of France.

There was so much food that I will just showcase all the delicious food and give an overview of what I thought:

Since it was Easter holiday in France...of course there was an Easter Cake (house special) for everyone. The Easter cake was a rabbit terrine topped with hard boiled eggs and baked in a flaky & buttery dough. It was absolutely yummy. Who knew Easter cake can be so good?

They started placing huge bowls of food on our table. This was the bowl of Rabbit Pâté.

This was the bowl of Terrine de Boudin.

This was the bowl of Pork Rillettes.

This was the bowl of Grated Carrot Salad.

This was the bowl of Grated Beet Salad.

This was the bowl of Grated Cabbage Salad. On top of all this; there were bowls of cornichons, a plate of fresh vegetable crudités and the most lovely crusty bread.

The back of the room was the warm dishes. Here was the Cauliflower Soup on top of the stove to keep it warm.

This was another warm dish on the stove; the Confit de Canard.

The wonderful & beautiful vintage stove used to keep the warm dishes warm. OK, OK, the stove was really not working and they used burners instead but I still like the look and charm of the thing.

The desserts...three different kinds of cakes.

The dessert counter.

The amazing wine shelf. La Cave de l'Os à Moelle has the most amazing choices but what is extra amazing were the prices. The concept is not only affordable good food but also the most reasonable prices for good quality wine. I like that!!!!

The bistro was so comfortable & welcoming that I noticed people just having drinks on the terrace and talk. Some had their dogs with them (very cute). It had the most friendly atmosphere.

All the food was actually made in the restaurant across the street called L'Os à Moëlle the parent bistro of La Cave (which is s very popular bistro and this will be our next stop). The chef was jumping in & out of the window of L'Os à Moëlle with huge bowls of food and running across the street to make sure that we all had enough food. It was a fun & funny sight.

At 30 euros person (not including the wines); this was an amazing bargain. I truly could not move after stuffing myself with so much food....honestly, I could not help myself.

This was one of the most memorable dinners we have had in Pairs because the conversation with our table companions, the food & wine and atmosphere. There was nothing pretentious about the place or the people. Just staying true to their philosophy of giving something good at a reasonable price is what makes La Cave such a special place. I really can't wait to return.

181 Rue Lourmel
75015 Paris
01 45 57 28 28

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