Monday, June 06, 2011

Coure (Barcelona, Spain)

We drove down to Barcelona to meet some Thai friends who were in Spain for their vacation. We only had time to spend one night in Barcelona so we wanted to try a new restaurant. We heard from a friend who is a specialist about Barcelona that the restaurant of the moment was called Coure. Of course we reserved a table several days in advance because we knew how difficult it is to get a table at the best restaurants in Barcelona.

This basement restaurant just off the Diagonal is sedate in the best possible sense. A discreet entrance leads downstairs into a soothing space with white-painted panelled walls and antique cabinets. Chef Albert Ventura doesn't really advertise himself, and Coure has remained just under the tourist radar. Since this is the case; the menu was only in Spanish so thank goodness the waitress knew some English to help us understand some of the dishes. However; in the end, we decided to take the big special dinner menu at 60 euros...a huge bargain!

I have to apologise now...since our Spanish was soooo awful, I am going to try my best to explain all the dishes, but I cannot go into details of what each consist of. Just believe me that they were all very yummy.

The first dish was Squid with cucumber emulsion.

The next dish was Couteau (razor clam).

The next dish was Cod fish with eggplant caviar & spinach.

The next dish was Scallops with baby peas.

The next dish was Sea bass with artichoke heart.

The main dish was Pan fried duck with morel mushrooms.

The pre-dessert was Vanilla & honey foam with red season fruit compote.

The dessert was a Pear & almond cake with vanilla ice cream & chocolate mousse.

Overall; the blank canvas of Coure's surroundings ceded center stage to chef Albert Ventura's exceptionally good—and unexpectedly seductive—combinations in his cooking. He is a master at using the freshest & in-season ingredients and making them come alive in the dishes. All the dishes looked so simple yet stood on their own in terms of smell, colours and tastes. No wonder Chef Albert is the talk of the town right now...he truly knows what he is doing.

On top of this; the service was excellent. The young woman who was taking care of our table knew that we were did not understand the menu and she took her time explaining the dishes. She had a good sense of humor and was a delight. The total experience was a great experience.

20 Passatge Marimon
Barcelona, Spain 08021
Tel: 34 93 200 75 32

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