Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Anna & Charlie's Cafe’

I had a lunch date with a former colleague. We decided to meet at Anna & Charlie's Cafe’ (formerly known as Anna's Cafe’) which is only a one minute walk from my office. My friend was kind enough to do the traveling to meet up for lunch.

Anna & Charlie's Cafe’ has a good reputation in town for good Thai food. Not the best; but you never hear anything bad about it either. My office colleagues seldom eat at Anna & Charlie's Cafe’ because it is on the expensive side for Thai food.

The restaurant is enormous! It seems like the place cannot ever be full because of the size. What is nice about this is that the spacing of the tables makes allows people to have a gossip session without other people hearing. At the same time, you are not bothered with other people's conversations. It is not the prettiest restaurant but it is comfortable and has a good atmosphere.

The first dish was Yam Plaa Dook Foo (fried crispy catfish served with spicy mango salad). The crispy catfish was very good. Deep fried very nicely. The catfish was fluffy & crispy. The mango sauce had the right combination of sweet, sour, tangy and spicy. Lovely textures in this dish.

The next dish was See-Krong Moo Ob Num-Peung (baked pork spare rib with honey). The pork ribs were soft & tender. The sauce was sweet ofcourse due to the honey; but it was too sweet for my taste. But it did not ruin the dish. My friend liked it.

The next dish was Pad Yod Fak Maew (stir fried chayote). One of my favourite vegetables; very green, has a mustardy flavour and has good texture.

The next dish was Goong Kra Bueng (shrimp pancakes). We ordered this dish for our appetizer and for some odd reason, it came last. Anyhow; they were good. Deep fried to a golden brown, the minced shrimp & pork were moist and tasty.

Overall; the food was good. The service was very good and the prices are reasonable. There is a huge parking lot so there will never be any problem about parking. The only problem is the traffic on Narathiwas Rd. The BRT has just been opened and it has created chaos. What used to be bad traffic on Narathiwas has become amazingly horrendous!!! Be warned if you make a lunch appointment at Anna & Charlie's Cafe’, leave your place a bit earlier if you want to be on time.

Left corner of Narathiwas & Ratchada

236 soi Srinakorn, Nanglinchi,
Chongnonsee, Yannawa,
Bangkok 10120


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