Friday, June 18, 2010

Fluffy Cakes (Takashimaya, Singapore)

My mother was living in Singapore many years ago and when I used to visit her; there was a cake that I could not resist. I used to have it everyday. So now, whenever I return to Singapore, I have to stop by the only place I consider that makes the best cakes in Singapore (unless someone can tell me where else I can go for better ones).

The place I now go to is the food court in the basement of the Takashimaya Mall on Orchard Rd. You cannot miss the women who specialise in blending, pouring, stuffing and baking these delicate cakes.

The cakes come in two different shapes; the first one is in a shape of a fish. The fish cakes are stuffed with chocolate and laughing cow cheese (my favourite).

Because so many people stop by and buy these delicious cakes. The cakes are never sitting around long enough to get cold. The women are constantly making cakes. Whenever; I ordered the cakes, they are hot, slightly crispy on the outside yet fluffy, soft and tender on the inside.

The second shape is the round shape and they are stuffed with either red bean or crushed peanut & sugar (my other favourite).

I always buy one peanut (round shape) and one cheese cake (fish shape). Here is the fish shaped cake with cheese before I stuffed it into my mouth. Every time I eat these wonderful cakes, they brings memories of the old days in Singapore.

Located in Ngee Ann City; Orchard Rd.

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Rosée de Lune said...

Hi there! I always enjoy reading your blog! This fish-shaped cake and round cake are originally from Japan.
The fish-shaped one is called "Tai-yaki" ("Tai" means red sea bream and "yaki" means grill)
The round one is called "Imagawa yaki".