Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bar Italia by Gie Gie

We were test driving our new car on the expressway of Ramintra. After pretending that we were Formula 1 drivers with our new car; we got hungry. We decided to have lunch at the new Italian restaurant at the Crystal Design Center which is off the Ramintra Expressway. The restaurant is called Bar Italia by Gie Gie. Gie Gie is the wife of one of the best Italian chefs in Bangkok; Gianni. She also had branches of Bar Italia in the Central World and Gaysorn.

The restaurant is very spacious. It is nicely decorated with modern furniture and has an open kitchen. The atmosphere was a bit subdued because there were only three tables occupied.

Bar Italia has an extensive menu of Italian dishes; but what was interesting for us was the lunch menu. At 370 baht + +; the lunch menu consist of a choice of appetizer, main dish and dessert or coffee. What an amazing deal!

The first starter was Tuna Salad. The portion was large (which is a good thing). A simple salad that tasted good and nothing to complain about.

(Very sorry for the awful photos; the waiter closed the drapes because the sun was shinning so strongly. Since we were deep in conversation, I did not pay attention that he closed the drapes. The result is very very bad photos).

The second starter was Pumpkin Soup. The soup was thick, rich and creamy. A lovely pumpkin flavour. The only problem is that they were very stingy with the portion. I think I finished the soup after five spoon full (of course I am exaggerating, but you get my point).

The first main dish was Seafood Risotto. The rice was cooked perfectly and the seafood was very fresh. The combination was a very nice tasting dish; it was creamy & hearty. A good sized portion.

The second main dish was Beef Lasagna. The beef sauce was thick, rich and hearty. The combination of all the ingredients made this dish really yummy.

We decided that we ate enough and we did not want a dessert but instead ordered coffee. However; the manager was very kind to offer us a light dessert anyway to go with our coffee. The dessert was a lime slushy. The dessert had an intense flavour of lime and it was very refreshing.

Overall; the food was very good. The service was very professional, efficient & friendly. The only problem is that it was very quiet, which is not good for a restaurant. I really recommend the lunch menu; it was a good deal and had a variety of items to choose from.

Crystal Design Center (CDC)
Praditmanutham Road (Ekamai Ramintra road) in front of Tesco Lotus

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