Friday, June 25, 2010


I had a lunch date with my ex-boss & current boss. I know that might sound strange; but lucky for me, we all have a good relationship. We decided to meet half way and a place that is close to both our offices. So, I chose Kuppa for the rendez-vous. I have not been to Kuppa in years (I really mean...years).

When Kuppa first opened many years ago; it was the talk of the town. No one saw that type of concept, design or food in Bangkok. It was a smash hit right away. It was practically impossible to get a table in those days.

The concept was a mix of fine restaurant on one side & a basic bistro like restaurant on the other, coffee roasting factory with a pastry corner all rolled into one. It had a art gallery on the mezzanine floor. It had a gift shop. Overall, it had a lot of things for everyone.

The design was a chic industrial factory feel; with lots of wood, steel & glass.

The food was a mix of creative Thai and Western food.

When the food scene in Bangkok exploded; we simply forgot about Kuppa. It was a good time to return to see what was new.

The first dish was pasta with prawns. The prawns were fresh, large, firm & succulent. The pasta was cooked perfectly. The prawns & pasta complimented each other very well and tasted delicious.

The second dish was roasted duck pizza. A unique topping for pizza; the shredded duck was tender and tasty. The sauce was rich & flavourful. The crust was thin & crispy. A nice pizza.

The next dish was pumpkin & feta cheese pizza. One vegetarian dish out of the selection. This was a nice change from the normal pizza toppings. The pumpkin was sweet & tender, while the feta cheese was savoury & firm. The contrasting flavour & texture was a nice combination for the pizza. The crust was thin & crispy. An interesting and yummy pizza.

The dessert case. Kuppa is known for their desserts. They serve huge portions of their dreamy desserts. They are very tempting even when you ate too much. We ordered the brownie with vanilla ice cream to share. The only issue I have with the desserts is that they are very expensive. However; it does not seem to bother most of the people who eat at Kuppa because everyone I saw had a dessert.

Kuppa has not changed one single bit over the years. It is still as popular as ever. I would not say that it is the best food in town but it still hearty and good. There is nothing to complain about because Kuppa is still very consistant in their product in terms of still having very friendly & efficient staff as well as the food. Still highly recommeded for a cozy place to meet friends for something good to eat & drink.

39 Sukhumvit 16
Bangkok, 10110
Tel. 02-2580194

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