Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jam Coffee Shop (Ion, Singapore)

The latest very modern, very enormous and very chic shopping mall in Singapore opened so we wanted to see what the latest buzz was about. We actually never thought a city like Singapore could handle another huge shopping mall, but leave to the Singaporeans to make it work.

After lunch and walking around Orchard Rd. We wanted a coffee. We were amazed that every single coffee shop in Singapore was full. I am not joking!!! Every coffee shop in every shopping mall was full. We even stopped at the latest & chic tea room and there was at least an hour wait for a table.

We finally ended up at latest chic and enormous Ion Mall. We went to look at their new book shop and noticed that they had a very nice coffee shop called Jam. Surprise, surprise, it was full. We decided to look around the book shop but at the same time, I kept a hawk's eye on the coffee shop to see if anyone was leaving. When I noticed that a couple was leaving, I immediately flew over to the table in lighting speed.

The coffee shop is very nice since there are very large windows to let in the sunlight as well as give nice views of the city life. This is rare because most coffee shops in most of the shopping malls have no windows and your only view are the shoppers.

The first order was an iced latte.

The second order was hot coffee (which was soooo hot that my friend could not drink it for several minutes).

Loads of yummy pastries to choose but I was strong and did not order anything.

The staff was friendly and but the service is a bit slow. However; we could cannot blame the staff, the weekend crowd can be a problem.

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