Monday, June 21, 2010

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine (The Marina Bay Sands, Singpaore)

We were lucky that our hotel was very close to the latest talk of the town in Singapore...the opening of The Marina Bay Sands resort & casino. We could see the huge thing from our hotel window. We decided to have dinner & gamble at The Sands for our second evening in Singapore.

Typical our luck; Singaporeans were practicing firing canons, flying Blue Angels in the sky, marching bands and marching military for their National Day (which by the way was one month away). Due to all these activities; the traffic was horrendous. So, we decided to walk to The Sands for our dinner.

The Sands is an amazing monster. It is absolutely huge. It reminded us of Las Vegas in style and size. We first entered the new & enormous shopping mall (YES, another shopping mall in Singapore and I am sure it is going to work); but they were not finished with the construction and most of the shops were not settled in to open yet. Then we entered the casino....

Once we entered; we were shocked at the shear scale of the thing. It is massive!!! The casino has several floors. The ground floor is for the masses. As you go higher; it is for the very rich and then the very very VIP rich. Private rooms for the big spenders.

Singaporean citizens have to pay $S100 to enter the casino. Typical Singapore government, they want to other people to lose their money but not their own citizens. Foreigners have to show their passport and go through in a different line.

We decided to eat at Imperial Treasure. Several good & reliable sources in Singapore told us that this chain of restaurants right now has the best Chinese food in town. The Sands has attained the best chefs in the world to have restaurants in their casino. So, Imperial Treasure being in The Sands is a good sign (by the way, all the restaurants are on the 3rd floor of the casino; so you have a terrific bird's eye view of all the gambling).

Like everything in The Sands; the restaurant is huge. The restaurant was packed with every well dressed people; who looked like they had money to burn in the casino after dinner. The decor is modern with red, black and white as the main color scheme.

Before ordering the food; we looked at the wine list. We heard that all the restaurants in The Sands had a fantastic wine lists. Imperial Treasure's wine list did not disappoint. They also had two sommeliers giving suggestions. The wine list consisted of wines from all over the world; but the list had a huge and very expensive Bordeaux collection (its obvious that there will be big winners in the casino to buy these wines). However; what caught our eye was a wine from Spain...2004 Flore de Pingus. This was a wonderful find and was also reasonably priced. When we ordered the wine; the sommelier knew right away that he was dealing with people who knew their wines. On top of that; the sommelier told us that we ordered the last bottle. This vintage got 97 points from Parker. All I can say is that the wine was wonderful!

The first dish was crispy chicken. The chicken skin had a lovely shiny glazed deep burgundy colour. The skin was very crispy. The meat was so tender & juicy. A very delicious dish. Who ever thought chicken could taste as good as this?

The second dish was spicy tofu with minced pork. This dish was good with good ingredients; but we were very disappointed because the waiter asked if we wanted this dish spicy. We said yes. But between our table and the kitchen, a mis-communication occurred. The spicy tofu dish arrived not spicy at all. This dish lost its spark.

The third dish was stewed beef cheek. The beef cheek was so tender and we cut through it like butter. The beef cheek tasted so so good.

The last dish was egg noodle with spicy eggplant. This dish was recommended by the waiter and we are glad we took his advice. The egg noodles were tender yet firm. The spicy eggplant was delicious. The combination was a winner.

The food was amazingly delicious, the waiter we had was very friendly and funny, the prices were surprisingly affordable. A very good experience.

After dinner; we decided to go try our luck and gamble. Wow, did the times change the slot machine. I used to remember that all you needed to win was to get three cherries in a line. Now; the slot machines are so sophisticated that we did not understand what we needed to do. We lost $S4! Shocking; we stopped right away.

Bayfront Ave.


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