Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stewed Beef Soup

If you are a vegetarian; please skip this post. There is one of the most famous & popular stewed beef soups near my office (thank goodness). It is located at the Satupradit Pier on Rama III. Since my department has several people who do not eat beef; we take the opportunity to eat at the stewed beef soup restaurant when these people have meetings out of the office.

The stewed beef place is nothing special; there is no nice decoration, no nice tables and chairs and no nice menus. It is situated in a crumbling building and we never sit inside because the ceilings are very low, it is very hot and we never know if the building will collapse while we are eating stewed beef soup.

We normally sit on the sidewalk where the lovely fumes flow by from the big 18 wheel trucks leaving and entering the pier. There were also about 10 stray dogs that look that they have not eaten in several months and have skin problems passing by our table.

The place is really scary; but this does not stop the swarm of people coming to eat at the stewed beef soup place everyday. We even had to fight for a table when we arrived.

Here is the famous beef cooking woman. I warn you; there is only beef. Stewed beef, raw beef, beef balls, cow inerds, etc. The combinations are endless to what kind of beef you want in your soup. Not only the beef but also; noodle or no noodle. What type of noodle. Or how about rice instead of noodle. Aaaaahhhh, I wanted it all!

Here was the basket of fresh beef choices sitting on ice. It was amazing to see how quick the woman was at making the hundreds of beef soup orders.

The first order was stewed beef with raw beef soup (no noodle) with a bowl of rice on the side. The stewed beef and raw beef were so tender. The soup had a little blood to add colour and flavour (which was very tasty). I am sure they cooked the broth for many many hours with all the other parts of the cow.

The second order was stewed beef with tendons (no noodles) with a bowl of rice on the side. The stewed beef with tendons melted in the mouth.

We were very hungry that day.

As usual; you will always find people who will say that they know a better place for stewed beef soup; for example, the one on Ekamai. For now; I will not argue to where is the BEST stewed beef soup in town. However; I have to say that THIS particular stewed beef soup restaurant is absolutely amazing! What is also very nice are the huge portions; not like at other beef noodle soup places.

The service at first was non-existent because the place was packed with people. However; once we waved them down, they were very friendly and very fast with the orders. This place is simply fantastic!

Satupradit Pier, Rama III
Tel: 01-907-1283 or 02-682-0156

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