Saturday, August 28, 2010

Languedoc for Harvest

I just returned to the Languedoc for the harvest of the vineyard. It is my first day back to the south of France and the weather is absolutely amazing! The most stunning blue skies and a cool breeze blowing down the valley. It was only around 28 degrees (compared to 39 degrees the past week before I arrived).

To stay awake (from my jet lag) and before dinner; we decided to take a look at the renovated chateau in the small village of Arboras which is next to our town Montpeyroux.

There is no other stunning view of the whole valley as from Arboras. On such a gorgeous day, we could see all the vineyards for miles and miles.

The Arboras village is very small as you can see from the winding roads. It was so quaint and quiet.

We passed a house that was selling home-made Miel de Chataignier for 6 euros as well as Confiture de Figues for 4.50 euros. We could not resist because the woman was actually cooking the confiture de figues and the smell was so tantalizing.

Another view of the village. We were the only ones walking around the village. Every home in the village of Arboras is built on the sloping hill so every house has the most stunning view of the valley (as seen from the photo above). Lucky Arboranians!

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