Monday, August 16, 2010

Lap Jub

My colleagues and I were really hungry and wanted something special for lunch. That meant we had to get in our cars and drive somewhere. We decided to have the best 'lard nar' near our office.

Here is a very good explanation of 'lard nar' from 'Do you want some "Over the Face"? That's what "Rard Nar" (or "Lard Nar"), one of Thailand's most popular noodle dish literally means, "Over the Face." Rard Nar is a stirred fried noodle dish with a thick gravy poured on top or "Over the Face" of the noodles. The choices of noodles are wide rice noodle, thin vermicelli noodle, and crispy egg noodles. As for the sauce that gives Rard Nar its name and brings the dish to life, it's popularly made of pork, though you can get it with chicken, beef, or seafood. It's definitely all about the sauce, and if the sauce has the perfect blend of sweet, sour, salty, and creaminess, then you are definitely in for a delicious treat! in town.'

The 'best' lard nar' place near our office is Lap Jub. It is so busy that we had to leave early to so that we could get seats. As you can see the place is very basic but so so good. The chefs were very busy as usual preparing all the orders.

The dining room is a typical shop house with plastic chairs and aluminum tables. Nothing fancy to distract your attention from the wonderful food.

The first dish was the combination Seafood & Pork Lard Nar with wide rice noodles.

The second dish was combination Seafood and Pork Lard Nar with rice (rice was a weird choice, but it turned out just as good).

The next dish was stir fried vegetables with eggs.

The next dish was combination Seafood and Pork Lard Nar with sen mee.

The amazing menu from Lap Jub. Everything looked so good and so cheap!

Look out for the street sign...Thanon Chan soi 18/8...we also did not understand the slash 8 numbering of the street.

If you get lost; look for the gold shop across the street.

What is amazing about Lap Jub is that it is open 9:00 am and closes at 5:00 am. That means whenever you are in the mood for Lard Nar, you will always find it at Lap Jub.

The Lard Nar at Lap Jub taste is really yummy. I have to be honest; but normally I do not like Lard Nar because what I normally get is lard nar sauce that is so thick that you can use it to stop the gushing oil out of the broken BP oil pipes in the Gulf of Mexico.

On top of that the disgusting & awful lard nar sauce usually has no taste. However; at Lap Jub, the lard nar sauce is not so thick and is rich in flavour. I am assuming they use less corn starch...which is a good thing. The seafood and pork were very fresh and the total combination of the flavourful sauce and fresh & good quality ingredients makes Lap Jub a favourite for many people when they are hungry for lard nar.

Thanon Chan between soi 18/8 - 20
Bangkok, 10120
Tel.: 02-212-4422


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Wow... that's close to my house. I should have tried it.

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